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Let us find the owner of any domain name so you can acquire the perfect brand name.

what we do

Comprehensive domain name search

Ownership search

We track down the name, location, and contact information of the current owner for any domain name.

Historical records

We review historical ownership records and website archives to learn more about a domain's history.

Transaction records

We gather intel on the sales history of a domain name, including buyers, sellers, and transaction amounts.

Domain Acquisition

We represent buyers trying to acquire a domain name through our ownership search process.

how it works

Our search process

1. Intake

Tell us about your goals and the domain name you want to learn more about.

2. Research

Our 7-day research process begins to gather as much intel as we can uncover.

3. Report

We compile our findings into a comprehensive report for users to analyze.

4. Brokerage

We represent prospective buyers in the negotiation and escrow process.

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We're domain name experts

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Frequently asked questions

Once your order is received, we begin the process of searching for the domain name owner. After 7 days, we compile and present you with any contact information associated with the domain name.

Our standard ownership search costs $99. Our ownership search & acquisition service costs $249 plus 5% of the purchase price of any successful domain transaction.

No, we cannot offer any guarantees of the results of using our service. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information about domain ownership records we find, nor can we guarantee that the current owner can be reached successfully.

We present the owner of the domain name with your offer and handle the entire negotiation process. Upon an agreement, a transaction will be established in Escrow.com to acquire the domain name on your behalf.

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